Applied Computer Science and Network Engineering


Microsoft / Unix / Linux / Mac
More than 35 Years

Office 970-232-0696
Email hal.halvorson@halabs.com

  • Android Mobile Device "APP" Development
  • Apple Mobile Device "APP" Development
  • Call Center Software Deployment "Asterisk PBX / FreePBX / SugarCRM"
  • Call Center Hardware Deployment "Cisco / Grandstream / Polycom & More"
  • Cloud System Deployment and Maintenance - All Flavors
  • Computer Hardware Construction, Repair, and Upgrade(s)
  • Cyber Terrorism Defense, and Retaliation
  • CRM & LMS Telephony Integration "Asterisk PBX / FreePBX"
  • DataCenter Emergency Responder / Response
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Forensic Code Auditing
  • Large Scale Clustered / Distributed Computing
  • Large Scale System Day to Day operation(s)
  • Linux, Unix, Windows, QNX, and DOS
  • Microsoft AD and GP Management
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile Development
  • Mission Critical Informatics
  • Manufacturing Automation and Process Control
  • Physical Server to Virtual Server Migration(s) - All Infrastructures
  • Physical Wiring and Network Deployment
  • Project Management - Hardware / Software
  • Router, Firewall, and Storage Configuration
  • SMS/TEXT messaging CELL phone applications
  • Software Development and Testing
  • System Reverse Engineering
  • Tech Team Management and Oversight
  • VMware Virtualization - Deploy and Maintain
  • VoIP Telephony Systems - Asterisk Deployment(s)


General capability statements:

I have implemented Local Area and Wide Area Networks "LAN @ WAN’s" with greater than 200 workstations

I have installed and supported networks with International access requirements

I have performed thousands of hardware/software evaluations, installations, and upgrades

I have deployed and maintained call centers with over 100 seats, with robo-dialers, and CRM integration

I have virtualized thousands of physical servers in datacenters across the United States

I have installed T1, DSL, DSLAM, E1, T3, DS3, PPP, FRAME RELAY, and FIBER connections

I have installed and maintained dozens of different SAN/NAS/iSCSI storage technologies

I have installed, maintained, and administrated almost every type of VM or Cloud environment

Operating Systems:

AIX, UNIX, LINUX, DOS,PIC, BSD, Free BSD, Caldera, Fedora, Iris, Novell Netware, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse, Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, OSX, Windows Server 2003-2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Education & Experience:

My extensive knowledge of computer systems, programming languages, and network technology was self taught! I have no formal IT training!

I operate outside the stereotypical “IT” box, in many ways!

Work History & Accomplishments

University of Central Florida - Institute for Simulation and Training / Metil LAB
2006 - Presently Employed

I serve as a senior programmer and technical lead, and have various responsibilities for bringing innovations to life and assisting in learning technology initiatives with a global scale. Some of these can be seen here MySportsPulse.Com and here UCF College of Medicine

I have a recommendation letter here in regards to service and employment at The University of Central Florida UCF IST LETTER

DM2 Research, Inc.
2006 - Currently Consulting

This work is designated PRIVATE and in some cases CLASSIFIED and may not be disclosed at this time. Visit DM2 and David Metcalf here David Metcalf, PhD and University of Central Florida

TextMeYourOffers.Com, Oxnard, CA - Las Vegas, NV
July 2013 - Currently Consulting

Poudre Computer Services, Fort Collins, CO
Mar 2012 - July 2013, 2016

I am worked as a hardware / software systems technical support and deployment representative for PCS. PCS provides specialized mission critical IT support to a large number of firms across Northern Colorado.

Carousel Properties, Fort Collins, CO
2011 -
Currently Consulting

I am currently contracted as a network systems engineer. I deployed, manage, and maintain a property wide "wired & wireless" local area network spanning the entire main campus of Carousel Properties. I oversee 45 different routers, with WIFI, Streaming, and Voice over IP telephony for over 110 different person endpoints.

I have a recommendation letter here in regards to my services and performance at CAROUSEL PROPERTIES LETTER

2006 - 2009

I provided technology development and consulting services for CityWaboo.Com, I also manage their scalable dedicated web server infrastructure.

InsideRightiMedia, Inc.
2006 - 2010

I provided project management and implementation support for InsideRight's large web customer base. I install and configure numerous affiliate programs and shopping carts like osCommerce as well as manage numerous MySQL databases which feed dynamic web content for dozens of production websites.

Advanced NetSystems, Inc.
2005 - 2009

I provided technology consulting services specializing in project management, creating and maintaining customer networks, managing web, development and data systems. I am an expert in open source (LAMP) platform development and deployment. I routinely create and maintain systems comprised of open source software. I use Apache, PhP, MySQL on a daily basis. I implement SugarCRM for companies, and deploy complex Asterisk VOIP pbx's all the time.

LocateYourMate.com / NationwideSingles.Com
2004 - 2006

I completely managed the effort to locate and raise angel investment capital for the development of LocateYourMate.Com a web dating concept that focused on innovative methods for introducing singles to each other. I successfully raised capital with an angel investor based out of Orlando, Florida. I relocated and lead the development and deployment of a web dating system. I am and was a hands on technology leader and I managed the entire development effort to build the system from the ground up. This required extensive knowledge of back end server systems, e-commerce integration, asterisk VOIP deployment and managing onsite and offsite resources. The entire system is and was a LAMP based technology. Apache, MySQL, and PHP drive a majority of the core features. Perl modules were utilized to interact with the Asterisk via AGI. I designed, spec'd, and oversaw the development of the entire project

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation / Birken Interactive Studios
1999 - 2010

I managed every piece of Leonardo DiCaprio's Internet infrastructure for his non-profit foundation. I also managed the deployment of the website for leonardodicaprio.com (web site interface, chat software, server conversion to open source Linux). Implemented server backup schedule. You can visit their sites here: Leonardo DiCaprio.Com & Leonardo DiCaprio.Org

1999 - 2004

I managed the IT infrastructure for this Internet based online actors catalog for the Only Multimedia, Corporation in Los Angeles, California. This included Windows and Linux server administration, telephonic IVR / PBX setup, FAX blasting technology, dedicated point to point IP connection config and setup, and more...

TQG America Internet
1996 - 2004

I founded this ISP/ASP that was very profitable in Los Angeles, CA during the years listed above. I designed, developed, and implemented a LAMP based billing system called Ameritranz, which operated for over 4 years grossing $249,000.00 in transactional revenues.